About Amy

Amy de Priester

A bit about me, the Amy in Naturally Amy's.

Who is Amy? Well, as you know, my name is Amy, born in America. I have lived in Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, Colorado, California, and now, The Netherlands. 

In 2014 I met my husband in Florida while he was stationed there for work. We got married here in the Netherlands, in Breda in 2019 and moved to Oosterhout in October 2020 with our dog, Reeses and cat, Droppie. 

In the short time that we have been here in the Netherlands, I have taken up volunteering at the Breda animal shelter, taking Dutch courses, walking a Shetland pony with Cushings, and riding horses when time allows. But if that wasn’t already enough, I’ve decided to start up “Naturally Amy’s” (with the help of a very supportive husband and friends). 

But before we go getting into all of that, I’ll let ya all in on a little secret........

I was scared to death to move here to the Netherlands. 40 years old and moving to a foreign country is a scary thing! Giving up everything you have ever known, your friends, family, job, even something as “little” as your car. You really are giving up your independence. Becoming completely dependent on someone else to “take care of you.” That is freaking scary! Learning a new way of life, a new language, meeting new people, uprooting your life, starting over from nothing!! Yeah, I was scared to death!! But here I am doing it, and I think I am doing pretty darned good so far. 

This is where the idea of Naturally Amy’s comes in to play. Getting back some of that independence, making friends and building a new life!

In 2016 I had taken a rather stressful position in the veterinary field. I knew that it would be a stressful job, but I had no clue just how stressful and after about a year and a half, the stress of the job had taken its toll and I had hit my breaking point and had a “mini-mental breakdown”. I hated my job, I was miserable, and I couldn’t stop crying. Some days it was so bad that I couldn't get out of bed. I knew something had to change. In my mind, leaving my job wasn’t an option. So, I went to see a psychologist and she prescribed me both anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. After taking them for a while, I realized I hated how they made me feel. 

During all this, I had been turned on to the “Essential Oil World”. I researched how I could benefit from them and started making carpet fresheners, candles, wax melts, soaps, bath salts, and bath milks. Not only did our house smell amazing but my mental state started to improve. While I still struggled with my job, I was able to “let it go” when I got home. I had a new hobby and the essential oils were working their magic. I talked to my doctor and she suggested we cut my meds in half. 

Now that we are in the Netherlands, I wanted to continue benefiting from essential oils. 

Starting Naturally Amy’s I am able to benefit from the Essential oils in all of my products and wanted to share these benefits with you. 

Thanks for taking the time to "get to know me" and I look forward to sharing these great products with you. 

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