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About the soap

Why choose handmade soap?

It’s simple. The ingredients. Our handcrafted soaps are made with nourishing oils that moisturize and protects your skin. Commercially produced soaps are made with tallow (animal fat) and other low cost oils that don’t offer any skin care benefits. Natural, handmade soaps are made of vegetable oils and butters. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. In other words, handmade soap preserves the natural oils. For example, the coconut oil, mango, shea or cocoa butter, and other natural vegetable oils actually stay in handmade soap unlike commercial bars. Commercial soaps are often drying because the natural glycerin has been removed during the manufacturing process.

How do you make soap?

Our soaps are made cold process. A cold processed soaps is about mixing lye (sodium hydroxide) with water, then blending it with oils and melted butters and at the end adding essential oils and/or natural colorants. Everything is then poured into molds where it becomes soap. The soaps are then cut into individual bars where they are left to cure for 5-6 weeks. The longer you let them cure, the harder the soaps become.

Is there lye in your soap?

Not once it is cured. Lye is needed to make any form of handcrafted soap. The important thing to remember is that no lye remains in the final bar of soap. Just a pure, clean and long lasting bar of soap.

How long should my soap bar last?

It depends entirely on you as the bath lover or shower taker. Handmade soap will last anywhere from several weeks to several months. The bar will lasts longer if not set directly in a shower stream or on a soap dish with the ability to dry between uses. Using a soap saver bag can also make your soaps last longer.

Why we say no to palm oil?

The palm oil industry plays a large role in human induced climate change as palm oil plantations have cleared some of the worlds most precious, carbon capturing forests. Scientists predict that the fragile orangutan population could become extinct within our lifetime if we continue to destroy their home and natural habitats for palm oil plantations. So we don't even use responsibly sourced palm oil.

About ordering soaps

Do we take custom orders?

Please feel free to send an email to to see what we can do for you.

Why can't I see the email after I subscribed for a discount code?

Some email services like Gmail and Hotmail tend to put emails from companies in spam or promotions folders. If you have a Gmail or a Hotmail account, please check your 'Spam'/'Junk'/'Promotions' folder.

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