About our Products

We sell all-natural, handcrafted eco-friendly soaps.  Zero-waste and vegan friendly.  All of our products are all-natural.  No added junk, no added 'BS' means less bad stuff absorbed into your skin.  You can actually say all of the ingredient names in our soaps which is a good indicator that what you are using on your body is good for you and your skin.

These good old-fashioned soap bars incorporate only the best ingredients sourced from sustainable sources and suppliers. These soaps contain olive oil, sweet almond oil, organic coconut oil, castor oil, and raw organic shea butter in different proportions. My soaps contain organic essential oils, fruits, veggies, freshly dried herbs & botanicals, natural colorants, exfoliants, and natural clays.

All of the products that we will have in our webshop are plastic and cruelty-free.  No animal testing here!  All "testing" of our soap bars was done by willing friends and family and comply with the European cosmetic regulations.  

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