Clean or Dirty Hair for Updos?


 Have you ever had your hair styled professionally for a special event?  

If you have,  did you ask your stylist, "Do you want my hair clean or dirty" , "What should I wash my hair with?" " Would you prefer it wet or dry?" 

Obviously every hairstylist is different and has their own personal preference and answers may vary according to your stylist. But, the most common answer is to wash and dry your hair the day before  a professional updo styling as it takes at takes over 6 hours for your washed hair to be really dry.    It is best when your hair is dry with one night’s worth of natural oil buildup is on the hair.  Ellen, at Pur Elle, even recommends using a solid shampoo because there are no SLS's in it, which makes it easier for her to style.  

But you are probably asking why?  That's a very good question!

Have you ever noticed when you freshly washed and blow dried your hair, it is like silk? Imagine taking that freshly clean and silky hair, tying it in a knot and hoping the knot remains in the hair. Spoiler alert: the knot will not remain. Now add some oil to the silky hair and tie it into a knot.

VOILA! The knot remains!

If you want a beautiful, intricate and twisted (aka knotted) updo style on your special event day, it is best if at least one nights worth of natural oil production is on your hair.

I'm sure some of you are wondering, "What if my hair becomes super oily?"

No worries! The hairspray used to secure your hairstyle for the day contains an abundance of alcohol, it absorbs the oil on your hair in the same manner cornstarch or baby powder would absorb your natural oil. In case you didn't know, dry shampoo basically consists of cornstarch and hairspray.

Take it from me… Your hairstylist and you will be happy with the end result from one nights worth of oil production on your hair versus freshly washed hair! Don’t believe me? Try a ponytail or a plait on clean hair versus day old dirty hair.  

If you're looking for someone here in The Netherlands that can answer more of your questions, feel free to reach out to Ellen at Pur Elle.   

Feel free to leave me your comments or opinions below.

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