First Day of being “ Open for Soap Business”

Well, the 1st day after going live has been a fun one.  Lots of learning experiences for me. I had some shipping issues with Post NL early on in the day but was able to get all packages out with DPD within the shipping rates that we have posted on our website.   But I did decide today while driving to mail out those soaps that this business will certainly make me deal with some uncomfortable situations.  Being American in The Netherlands isn't always easy, even if most everyone speaks English.  When I moved here, I said every day I would try to do something that made me uncomfortable.  Being here 6 months now, that hasn't been a difficult promise to keep to myself lol.  

Having this new business and wonderful new customers will make this adventure so much more fun for me.  I am always here if you have any questions about a product or if you would like to see something in my shop, just let me know and I will see what we can do.  I do plan on candles and wax melts in the future.  But that will require a little more space than we currently have where we are staying until we find a home to buy.  So please, keep following me for updates with those.

Here are a few pictures of the first packages to leave to their new home.  I can't wait to hear what people think of them! 

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  1. Happy to have been one of your first customers! I tried this morning the shampoo for the first time and, apart from it smells amazing, my hair is looking so good I even wonder if I will need the conditioner! Thanks again for the personal touch and will visit the webshop soon again!

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