Why should you buy my soaps?

You are probably asking yourself "Why should I buy her soaps or shampoo bars when I already have "a girl" or " a place" that I get my soaps". I totally get it, there are so many “other” handmade soap companies out there so why should you buy from me? What makes my soap better than the others? What makes my soaps unique in comparison?   Well, I can very honestly say that my soaps are awesome! 

I have never used soap that rinses off as clean and leaves my skin feeling as wonderful as it does with my soaps.  No other handmade bar, no commercial store bar, no expensive salon-bought bar even comes close. Even my husband said the same thing.  I know…….why should you believe me?  I am sure that many other soap makers would say the same about their products and back them with 100's of reviews from their friends and customers.  Here I am just starting and already I have quite a following on Facebook and Instagram.  My reviews have started to grow as well in such a short time.  

But, as I sit here and think a bit, and dig a bit deeper into why you should buy my soaps, the question  "what is unique about my product" comes to mind? 

Well, my soaps are honestly all-natural and eco-friendly.  They are made with natural oils, butters, and are colored naturally.  Everything in my soap comes from ingredients with 100% NATURAL materials. My packaging is recycled,  zero waste, and plastic-free.  All of our products are completely biodegradable, including the packaging.

Many other companies claim to make “natural” soaps in spite of the synthetic fragrances and colorants that they add to their otherwise natural soap.  While there are certainly other people making ALL natural soaps most limit themself to a few select essential oils.  This is not the case with these soaps.  Vanilla and Star Anise, Rosehip & Geranium, just to name a few.  

So what will make me stand out in my market?  My confidence in my products and my ability to stand behind my products.  But besides that, I will stand out because of the dedication I put into my business.  I am constantly pouring through Google on a daily basis, contacting my suppliers with questions to help me better serve you and answer your questions, and researching new ideas and other all-natural, eco-friendly items to add to my shop.  

Anyways, I hope that you will give me a try.  I know you won't be disappointed!!  

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or just to say "hi".  I love chatting with you! 

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