Why Ditch you Liquid Body Wash?

Have you ever wondered why someone would want to use bar soap instead of your "oh so convenient" bottled body wash?  Believe me, I can relate.  I was one of those people.  

In short,  body wash is so darn easy to use right?!  Yeah I know...... I totally get it.  Not gonna lie, I was a huge Bath & Body Works addict while living in America.  I even stocked up before moving here because I thought "omg, what am I going to do with no B&BW?"   And Yes, I know, there is one here in The Netherlands now.  But now that I am here I have become some sort of "soap bar" addict instead!   Right now, no joke, I have 4 different soap bars, a shampoo bar, and a conditioner bar in the shower at this very moment.  My poor husband.  It's a good thing he likes to use these soaps too.  😂 

But seriously, a great bar of handmade soap has so many more benefits than the liquid stuff does, I don't think many of us would really give it much thought though.   I know that I never did until I got into making my own soaps.  Then I realized all the extra crap that is put into a body wash.  Go ahead, run to your shower and look at the bottle.  I betcha there is tons of stuff on there you can't even pronounce! 


A Few Benefits of Soap Bars

A well-made bar of all-natural, hand-crafted soap has lots and lots of benefits over its liquid counterpart. Don't believe me?

 Give it a try yourself!!  

Bar Soaps Lasts a Long Time

Soap Bars that have been cured for at least 4 weeks will be hard and longer-lasting, mine are cured for 5-6 weeks. A bar of handmade soap can last a month in your shower if you store it properly.  You may be wondering how do I "properly" store a soap bar?  Well, what I have learned from personal experiences is that the most important thing is to make sure it can dry out between uses. Store it in a well-drained soap dish and make sure it’s not sitting in water.  Even leaving it on a wire shower caddy will allow the airflow to let your bar dry properly.


Soap Saver Hint: You can prolong the life of your bar soap by using a sisal soap bag or by cutting the bar in half. 


So Many Healthy Ingredients

Handmade bar soaps are most often made with a combination of vegetable oils and butters. It is super concentrated since there is no added water, unlike liquid soaps.  You can also choose a soap bar that fits your skin's needs based on which ingredients are used in making the soap. Are you looking for something jammed packed with moisturizers? Well then how about our Three Butter Soap Bar or something that is great for itchy skin?  Then check out our Oat & Honey Soap Bar.  These are just a couple of the specific soaps that you can get for our skins needs.   You have so many all-natural choices for these needs.   It's great!

Our bars are also made from coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. NO Palm Oil is used in these soaps.  They are completely sustainable!   These are all completely natural oils that are great for your skin. Bar soaps that have been properly made are extremely moisturizing and can be a great choice for dry and sensitive skin.

Pretty Plants and Botanicals 

So not only do we have healthy ingredients,  but handmade soap bars often come loaded with a boatload of botanicals, herbs, and natural ingredients to soothe your body and senses. Clays, oils, dried herbs, charcoal, and essential oils are just a few of the skin-loving ingredients you will find in our soap bar ingredient list.   Take a look at our collection and see which one is the best fit for you.  In soap, clay is an incredibly effective ingredient. It serves as a natural, gentle exfoliant, as well as a great way to remove oil and impurities from your skin. Its silkiness makes shaving easier, too. If you're looking for a great shave bar you can check out one of our salt soap pebbles.  These things not only look cool, but they leave your skin feeling & looking absolutely amazing!! 


Natural Glycerin

An important part of the saponification process that is used to make soaps bar occurs when part of the oils are transformed into natural glycerin that remains in the bar of soap. You're also probably wondering what the heck the saponification process is.  

Glycerin is a crucial ingredient in soap because it helps keep moisture in the skin. Without it, the soap would clean you but your skin would more than likely be very dry after. If you take a look at any liquid soap or body wash ingredient list you will likely see glycerin added. But in handmade soaps,  glycerin is naturally occurring.  Pretty fun fact isn't it?!

No Water Added

Water is a primary ingredient in liquid soap and body wash. So that means that most of what we pay for when we buy liquid body wash is water!  What a rip-off! Bar soap is far more concentrated. While water is used in making the soap, it’s taken out after the curing process is complete.

Less packaging and plastic-free = Eco-Friendly! 

Bar soap has significantly less packaging than its liquid body wash counterpart, which is typically contained in a plastic bottle.  If you are looking for a plastic-free way to clean your body, our soap bars are a great place to start. 

I have wrapped my soaps in a nice recycled Kraft paper which makes it easier to recycle.  All the packaging and wrapping in my packages are also recycled and eco-friendly. In my honest opinion,  bar soap is clearly a superior choice if you’re looking to up your zero-waste or plastic-free shower game.

Less packaging, no plastic, a healthy ingredient list + no added water = a solid eco-friendly win for body cleansing.


Money Saver

We sell our soap bars starting at €7,75.  Given that these soap bars can last up to a month in the shower and several months by a bathroom or kitchen sink, this is a small price for cleaning your body naturally and safetly.  

Easy to use

  1. Pick up the bar of soap.
  2. Wet the bar of soap.
  3. Rub the bar of soap either on a washcloth, put in our sisal soap bag, or directly onto your skin.
  4. Rinse soap.
  5. Put in a soap dish that allows your bar to dry.

I would say it doesn't get a whole lot easier than this!

Perfect for small spaces

If you’re rockin' a tiny bathroom, like most bathrooms here in The Netherlands you may be short on shelf space in your shower, so bar soap is really a great way to go.  It will usually only take up a small spot on your shelf. Unless your anything like me and has 4 of them in your shower at one time 😂   

You can also try one of those suction cup soap dish things that you can stick to your shower wall if you’re really short on space (just make sure you put it up where it is out of the way of direct contact with the water so that it can fully dry out between uses!).

❤️ Made with Love ❤️

Have you ever seen a super cute bar of handmade soap, packaged all pretty and smelling like something you want to eat? (Don't try to eat them!)  And did you ever think, ‘OMG, this soap looks amazing!’? or "This soap smells so good, I can't possibly use it?" No? You will be amazed by these soaps!

Have you ever thought the same thing about liquid body washes?  I can honestly say I have never thought or said that about a liquid soap. What I can say is that every time I add a new handmade bar of soapy goodness to my shower, I feel like I am treating myself to a new present.  Don't you deserve the same?  Treat yourself!  

AND last but certainly NOT least, A soap bar makes a MUCH better gift than body wash Dontcha think?!  I honestly feel like a handmade bar of soap just brings something a little extra to the table when it comes to presentation.  Knowing that it is handmade, you have the idea that it is made with love because there is a lot of time and energy that goes into making them. They truly are Made with Love! 

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