Bath and Shower

A Bath or Shower is good for getting clean of course,  but they are also great for your mental health and to help soothe achy muscles & joints.

Bath Bombs & “Chill Pills”

Are you having a rough day and just want to chill?

Well, do it then! Just chill!  Take some well-deserved me-time with these fizzy, fun bath bomb!

They aren’t only a fun addition to your bath, they are also great to help improve your mood,  soothe your skin, alleviate your aches & pains, improve the quality of your sleep and help your body detox.  Our bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate and citric acid which cleanses, repairs, and deodorizes your body.

Shower Steamers provide the therapeutic benefits of essential oils but in half the time of a bath. Shower steamers are also great for clearing out your sinuses, detoxing and clarifying your skin, and re-creating the spa experience at home.

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