Pets need to be clean too!

Try our shampoos on your Dog, Horse, or pony!

Our Solid Shampoo bars for pets are a great alternative to plastic bottles.

  • Pet shampoo bars last much longer than liquid shampoo. These are more concentrated compared to liquid form and consume less while bathing. Moreover, it foams and lathers smoothly and gives your pet a fresh feeling. They will feel so soft!
  • Pet shampoo bar creates much less waste compared to pet liquid shampoo. Using liquid bottles leads to the risk of leaky and slimy bottles when bathing.
  • Our handmade natural pet shampoo bar is made with all-nature, cruelty-free, vegan and organic ingredients that are all natural with no added chemicals or perfumes.    Our Shampoo Bar helps to retain natural oils and bring a balanced state to the hair and skin.
  • Our natural pet shampoo bar creates less waste as it comes in a reusable tin instead of plastic packaging. Whereas pet liquid shampoo has plastic bottles that increase already pilling plastic waste. It is a wise decision to switch to the shampoo bar to save the planet. By eliminating the plastic stuff and using biodegradable products, you can help play your part.
  • In general, handmade pet shampoo bars cost much less than liquid shampoo. The liquid shampoo is used in significant amounts whereas the shampoo bar is dense and used in a small amount. Therefore, the shampoo bar lasts longer and saves you money in the long term.

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