Beard Oil – Cedar Wood, Orange & Rosemary


Naturally Amy’s Beard Oil is specially formulated with Cedarwood, Orange & Rosemary for a masculine woodsy scent that will leave your beard soft and shiny.

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Naturally Amy’s Beard oil is essential for any guy, no matter how long or short his stubble. That beard is a labor of love, and a daily application of oil will keep your scruff looking lush and feeling soft while moisturizing the skin underneath.

The best oils are overflowing with all-natural, nourishing ingredients such as argan, avocado, and jojoba seed oil. They rapidly absorb into the skin and hair, and, depending on the beard, help tame those whiskers. A dense blend of essential oils will do the trick. Naturally Amy’s Beard oil is heavy enough to keep your strays in check but light enough that it still absorbs quickly into the hair and avoids any greasiness.

But why use Beard Oils?

Beard Oil is meant to keep your facial hair soft, hydrated, and healthy.  Just think of it as a conditioner for your facial hair! A daily application of oil comes with numerous benefits. First and foremost, it keeps both beard and skin hydrated. It’s hard to moisturize the skin beneath your facial hair, and the oil slips in there quite easily to nourish and soften it all. This helps prevent that dreaded beard dandruff, especially in the winter.

Beard oil is the most common and important solution to any beard problem. Even if your beard is in great shape, regular oil use is important. It’s the easiest way to keep the hair on your face healthy, and soft and your skin moisturized. This means strong, healthier facial hair and better-growing conditions.

I would like to suggest using one of my all-natural shampoo & conditioner bars.  It is also recommended to only wash your beard 1-2 times a week but condition it daily.

Remember take care of that amazing-looking beard.  You worked way too hard to not take care of it!

This product comes in a 30ml bottle with a pipette.

Weight 75 g

jojoba seed oil, safflower seed oil, argan oil, avocado oil, vitamin E, apricot kernel oil, castor oil, blend of cedar wood, orange + rosemary essential oil


With an essential oil blend of cedarwood, orange + rosemary this beard oil has a citrus, woodsy fragrance


– Softens and strengthens beard hair.
– Provides the beard with vitamins and minerals for healthy beard growth.
– Moisturizes and protects the skin beneath the beard.
– Helps get rid of beard itch.
– Cleans the beard and leaves it smelling great.


Massage a small amount into your hands then apply to your beard.

Additional Information

Sold separately.


Our products are lovingly handmade in small batches to ensure quality, so each bar is a little unique.

Due to the handmade nature, the shape, weight, and coloring may vary from picture.

The beauty of imperfection.

Allergy Notes

Please read ingredient list. Essential oils can cause allergic reactions, especially in people prone to skin rashes and those who have pollen allergies


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