Peppermint & Sea Salt Shaving Soap

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Our Shaving Soap is made with Peppermint essential oil and French sea salt for an amazingly rich lather and a smooth shave result.

Our Peppermint & Sea Salt Shaving Soap is handmade with a base of skin-nourishing oils and French sea salt for a creamy lather and smooth shave. The addition of sea salt gives a fantastic lather, especially when used with one of our shave brushes.

Our shaving soap offers extra glide, lubrication, and protection to the skin. This prevents it from irritation and razor burn, and your skin will for sure feel ultra-smooth and moisturized.  It is also scented with high-quality peppermint essential oil that gives a clean zing to your daily shave!

Sea and rock salts are full of minerals beneficial to the skin like magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, and more. Salt also draws toxins out of the body while providing a catalyst that helps the glycerin in pure, real soap absorb more easily into the skin. Peppermint contains menthol, which creates that lovely cooling sensation when you apply it to your skin. As an antiseptic, it prevents infection after events like razor burn and bumps. Peppermint is especially useful for balancing your skin. 

With traditional wet shavers, shaving soaps are extremely popular. They are also becoming more popular with new wet shavers due to their great value for money compared to the cans of shaving gel and foam you find in supermarkets.  Our Peppermint & Sea Salt shaving soap can last up to 6 months of daily use.

For optimal beard care and to make your beard even more irresistible, use it together with our Beard Oil.

Sold with or without a shave brush.

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Coconut oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, French sea salt


Peppermint has a powerful, minty-fresh, cool, and distinctive fragrance.


Handmade shaving soaps have not only improved skin, it has also helped to alleviate itchiness, dryness and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.

By using handmade shaving soaps you know you are getting quality ingredients!

Shaving soaps help to soften the beard before shaving. This allows the razor to cut the beard more easily which results in a closer and more comfortable shave.

A shaving soap also offers a very slick surface for the razor to glide across.


1. Start with a wet shave brush
2. Move the brush in small circles around the soap until enough soap has formed into bubbles – as you practice you will get a better understanding of how much you will need
3. Move these bubbles from the soap surface to a bowl or your hand
4. Move the brush in small circles as the soap continues to lather and the bubbles get smaller and thicker
5. When the lather is thick enough then use the brush to apply it to your face
6. If you intend to use multiple passes to shave then make enough lather to continue your shave.

Additional Information

Sold separately with or without a shave brush.


Our products are lovingly handmade in small batches to ensure quality, so each bar is a little unique.

Due to the handmade nature, the shape, weight, and coloring may vary from picture.

The beauty of imperfection.

Allergy Notes

Please read ingredient list. Essential oils can cause allergic reactions, especially in people prone to skin rashes and those who have pollen allergies


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